Este patch corrige vários problemas no Delphi, C++Builder e RAD Studio 10.2 acerca de entradas de texto para novas versões do Android, renderização (desenho) de controle e performance de aplicativos. Link para download:

Abaixo segue a lista de itens que foram corrigidos neste patch tirados diretamente do site da Embarcadero.

RSP-17308 – TForm.Close and caFree not Working with Android
RSP-17120 – caFree not working (Android)
RSP-17162 – Android app made with Tokyo are super slow
RSP-17165 – TAniIndicator fails to draw correctly on Android
RSP-17173 – Android Severe painting problems – Worked in Berlin Version
RSP-17177 – Android Application->OnIdle Failed
RSP-17189 – Application crash with ‘Can not activate current context’ exception
RSP-17636 – Android Painting cannot handle bitmap canvas paints
RSP-17652 – TListView Performance Degraded when compiled with Tokyo
RSP-17654 – TImageList saved in Berlin, do not show its images in Tokyo at runtime in Android.
RSP-17663 – Delphi 10.2 Tokyo (Mobile platform) – use the FmxObject.AddObject component will occurs image overlay problem
RSP-17687 – Bitmap is no more displayed on Android 4.1.2 device
RSP-17738 – Delphi 10.2 Tokyo (Android platform) – TabControl problem
RSP-17803 – FMX TListBox does not display images
RSP-17816 – FillText problem on Android
RSP-15074 – TMemo adds text when clearing Text on Android 6
RSP-15775 – Android class initialization limitation (segmentation fault)
RSP-16149 – Android 7 Nougat Using TEdit, pressing return on android keyboard wraps text.
RSP-17262 – SubClassed FMX TEdit runs on Win32, Not on Android. Seg fault.
RSP-16668 – App crashes on use of Backspace key in a TEdit
RSP-16778 – Problem to edit text in tedit and tmemo in Android 6
RSP-17232 – Duplicate words appear on pressing backspace in an FMX TEdit in android
RSP-17546 – SubscribeToMessage in Android will crash
RSP-17346 – Android TEdit and TMemo clipboard copy/cut is not working
RSP-16935 – Android’s TMemo and TEdit Cursor Issue + Suggested Complete Solution